My professional life has been characterized by companies and situations in which change must be exemplified and shaped. Time and again, I have been in a position of responsibility to accompany people on their way into new, unfamiliar territory - as a member of the management board of Premiere Medien, the first successful pay TV broadcaster in Germany (now sky), of AOL Europe, one of the first Internet providers in eight European countries and successful worldwide, as HR Director of L’ORÉAL Germany, and as a management consultant at the side of organizations since the beginning of the digital transformation. Change means departure, opportunity and development. It requires courage, a willingness to take risks and a willingness to learn. And it requires the willingness to say goodbye to the familiar in order to trust in the new.

I and my team want to make this experience available to our clients. We advise and support you on the path to necessary change. You: these are executives at C-level as well as high-potential responsible persons at downstream management levels of central importance.

Why give priority to this target group ? Change works from the top: only if the top management level convincingly exemplifies change can the momentum be successfully implemented throughout the entire organization. This is the only way to create the necessary willingness of its employees to embrace the unfamiliar and change.

This is what we stand for: that you successfully implement change in your organization.

Leadership and change are closely interwoven. And: above all, leadership means interacting with other people. The resulting leadership success depends to a large extent on the ability to assess people and situations correctly. This includes assessing oneself as objectively as possible. It is important to be able to recognize and control both personal actions in their effects on third parties and the interactions of third parties with each other. This is where our work comes in: we sharpen our clients' view of their personal impact on the environment and thus develop their potential to make their leadership more successful.


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