Leadership Development

The performance of management bodies can often be enhanced by even more efficient interaction between the individual persons. The responsibility for this lies with the chairman or chairwomen of the committee and is a significant part of his or her management mandate. We support him or her in the performance of this task. The first step is to take stock of the status quo. Based on the findings, measures to improve overall performance are developed together with the executives involved, and their implementation is subsequently monitored in an advisory capacity.

A leadership development measure that is only related to a single individual usually takes place within the framework of coaching.

Leadership Development Workshops

Workshops are held for executives at the upper management levels of a company on current topics (e.g., improving the quality of cooperation), the concept of which is developed on the basis of in-depth preliminary discussions with the individual participants and, if necessary, also with managers from other areas. As a rule, participation in the workshop is conditional on the participants contributing their own work in its preparation. Usually, two consecutive workshops are held at intervals of three to six months. During the intervening transfer phase, each participant works on implementing the measures defined for him or her personally at the end of the first workshop. This includes an individual feedback session with the consultant to take stock and evaluate progress already made or to support its implementation. The second workshop serves to review results achieved in the meantime, to deepen central topics from the first part and to update the individual action plans.


Leadership Development Workshops

Conflict Resolution in Executive Teams

Conflict Resolution in Executive Teams

It is not uncommon for the efficiency of an executive team to suffer from conflicts within the team, whether they are open or just subliminally carried out. For such a group of executives from the same or different departments or divisions, who show deficits in the quality of their cooperation for professional reasons and/or due to differences in personality structures, we therefore conduct suitable workshops: after an intensive preparatory phase in the form of individual meetings with all participants, an initial workshop typically lasting one and a half to two and a half days is held. At the end of the workshop, each of the participants, and if necessary also individual groups of participants, draw up individual lists of concrete measures to improve mutual cooperation or even personal behavior patterns. As a rule, a further workshop is held after three to six months, during which the progress made in the meantime is reviewed and, if necessary, further measures are agreed.


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